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Industrial construction

Industrial construction means a branch of construction industry which is engaged in the production of fixed assets...

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Housing construction

Housing construction is such a broad concept that it combines many classifications. And SpetsAutonomBud can easily...

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Public contracts

When it comes to public construction contracts, this means a number of requirements and rules that refers to a...

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General construction works

Under the notion of general construction works one should consider the whole complex of works that are carried...

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Engineering works

Construction engineering is the engineering support of construction, it includes all the phases of implementation...

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In fact, designing is the process of creating a project in general. It includes a wide range of works, which consists...

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About us

SAB is a successful completion of the project

About us

SpetsAvtonomBud is a young, promising construction company that is dynamically developing. In 2016, we broke into the construction market. During a quite short period of time, we have received a lot of diverse orders and performed high-quality works.

What once again confirmed our professionalism.

Today the spectrum of works by SpetsAvtonomBud
is constantly increasing, and orders are not limited by powerful but private clients. We went out and successfully mastered a new level - participation and winning tenders for public contracts.

With the projects that we have successfully completed and those that are ongoing, you can read more about our site. Also, here you will find a section with a detailed list of all the services we provide to our customers. If you have any questions to us, we will gladly and fully answer all of them.

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